We are a many people united by a passion for craft beer

Welcome to Bravery Brewing Company.

We are an independently owned craft brewery and tasting room located in Lancaster, California.

Founded in 2011, we have continuously focused on a catalog of beers that varies from the highly traditional to the unique and unusual. In our Tasting Room you can explore up to 30 different beers (all brewed on-premise).

As of 2021, we have opened our a pizza kitchen within the tasting room. With the pizza kitchen, we strive to bring the best quality and taste that you can find. With the introduction of the pizza kitchen, we now offer local wine and cider on tap!

Both our Tasting Room and outdoor patio areas are family-friendly, as well as pet-friendly, and can accommodate large parties.

We strive to always improve the quality of our products while maintaining integrity and a thirst for adventurous, well-crafted beers.

So enjoy one of our many craft beers and remember to live your life with Bravery!

Our Award Winning Beers

Wall of Bravery

James Allen Abrahamson USAF

R. W. Alajajian USMC

Adam Allen USAF

John E. Allen US Army

James F. Amos USMC

Carl Richard Anderson US Army

Dennis Anderson US Army

Garrett Anderson USMC

Mac Anderson USN

Darryn Andrews US Army

Martin Andrews US Army

Martin Andrews US Army Air Corps

Nathan Andrews US Army

Richard Andrews US Army Air Corps

Steve Ankeny US Army

Blade Anthony USMC

Shane Appleton USAF

Art Aragon USMC

Arturo Aragon USMC

Ian Armacher USN

Stephen Aubry USN

Brandon Baal USMC

Bob Bainbridge USN

Kenneth B. Baker Jr. US Army

Steven Bakewell US Army

Glenn Barker US Army Air Corps

Brian Bauer USAF

Danny A. Bazzell US Army

Frederick Beck USAF

Tandy Belew Jr. US Army

Harry Bell US Army Air Corps

Larry J. Bendall Jr. USMC

Jay I. Bendall USMC

Larry J. Bendall USMC

Scott Bennett US Army

Daniel Bentley USN

Marvin L. Berggren USN

Jeremy Best US Army

John Best US Army

Kyle Beynon USMC

Mac Black USN

Micah D. Blanks USMC

Paul Richard Blythe USMC

Adam Borjon USAF

Paul J. Bouche US Army Air Corps

Nathan Bourdlaies USMC

Clayton Bowen US Army

Chris Brown USAF

Dave Brown US Army

David Buczynski USAF

Midge Burthe USN

Gene Caffee USN

Brian Cahoon USN

Salvador L. Calderon USMC

Roy “Rusty” Cambell USN

Sam Campa USMC

Cory Canzonen US Army

Jeff Carlon USN

C. A. Carlson USN

Aman Carr USN

Justin Casillas US Army

Don Castro USAF

Rose Celis USN

Tyler Christensen USMC

Blaine Clark USMC

Ryan Clark US Army

George Thomas Clinton USMC

Robert Cobb USMC

Tim Colceri USMC

Mark H Cole USMC

Robert H. Cole USN

James Coleman USAF

Tim Conway US Army

Luis Coria USN

Luis Coria II USMC

Kory Cox USMC

Michael “Mike” Crain USMC

Crew of the USS Turner DD-648

Stephen Howard Crow USN

Kurt Curtiss US Army

William Curtis USN

Steven A. Dassler US Army

Bill Davis USMC

Bruce Davis US Army

Michael Davis US Army

Nathan Tyler Davis US Army

Andre Deile US Army

George Delgado US Army

Dominique Womack-Detrick US Army

Garner Dew US Army

George Dickerson USMC

Ronald Dickerson USMC

Tara Dickerson USMC

Evan Ron Dilks USMC

Glen Anthony Doherty

Andre Dominguez USMC

Anthony Dominguez US Army

James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle USAF

James H. Doolittle III USAF

Ed Dorroh USN

Walter R. Dorsey USN

James Dossett USCG

Kelly Douglas US Army

Patrick Doyle USAF

Christopher R. Drake US Army

Elmer Dryer USMC

Justin Dryer USMC

Lawrence Duitsman USMC

Patrick Dulaney USAF

Staci Dulaney USAF

Tanya Baldyga Duron US Army

Donald G. Ebbert USN

Malcolm Ede II USMC

Jeff Ellsworth USN

Ashley Elmore USAF

Debra Erdman USN

Todd Ericson USAF

R. Lee Ermey USMC

Aaron Fairbairn US Army

Luther Fairbanks USAF

Victor Felix US Army

John A. Fergione USN

William Fisher USN

Gil Flores USMC

William D. Fogle USN

Thomas Foley USAF

Charles Fraizer USN

Dean Frame US Army

William D. Frantz USMC

James Freelich US Army

Walter Freeman Jr. US Army

Stu Fuller USN

Edward S. Gant Sr. USAF

Ray “Buzz” Gantenbein US Army

Aaron Garcia, US Army

Bernard Gaudi USMC

Joseph Gawrys US Army

Jason George US Army

Jack Gilliam USAF

Salvatore Giunta US Army

Lou Gonzales US Army

Rudy Gonzales US Army

Alie Gomez USN

Cindy Gorcenski USAF

Brittany B. Gordon US Army

Richard Granby US Army

Russell Granby USAF

Norman L. Gravatt US Army

Aaron Green US Army

Kyle Green USAF

Adam Gregg USN

Jarred Grijalva US Army

Mike Grimes USAF

Frank R. Gross US Army

Mary Groth US Army

James E. Groves III US Army

Jeremiah S. Guild USAF

Joseph "Joe" Gumina USN

Erik Haas USCG

Vernon Haggard USAF

Jerral Hancock US Army

Fernando B. Hannon USMC

Clint A Hargrove USMC

Michael Wayne Harne US Army

Richard Harper US Army

William Bill Hatch USAF

William Lee Hatch USAF

Roger Hatcher USAF

Richard E. Heess USN

Art Hernandez US Army/USN

Miguel “King” Hernandez USN

Robert J. Hess US Army

Joe Hessel US Army

Jack F. Hill USN

Jeff Hollman USAF

W. A. Holodnak USMC

John M. Hosea US Army

W. B. Howe USN

Douglas C. Huston USN

Jason Janosky US Army

Toke Jensen USMC

Harry Jodice USMC

Ron Johnson USMC

Chuck Jolin USMC

Doc Jones USMC

Sebastian Jones USAF

Mark Jowyk USAF

John Justice USN

Anton Kahn II US Army

Daniel Kenan USAF

Pete Knight USAF

Steve Knight US Army

Aukiece Knighten USN

James C. Knipple USMC

Kollin Koehler USAF

Robert W. Koyle III USAF

Mark Krajeck USN

Vincent P. Kramer US Army

Verdin C. Krause USMC

Andrew Krausfeldt USAF

Sean Krausfeldt US Army

Andrew Kroessler USN

Mai Alicia Lacroix USN

Keith LaFleur USMC

Sheldon LaFleur USMC

Bill Landon USN

Jerry Lawrence USMC

William Leahy US Army

Edward Lederhos USMC

Jason Lederhos USMC

Kevin Leffler US Army

Doc Lemmo USMC

Christopher Leon USMC

Ha J.J. Lepe USN

Paul Littexen USMC

Paul Lorenzetti US Army

Joseph C. Lopez-Pratti USMC

Charles Love USMC

Charles Love Sr. US Army

Jack H. Lucas, USMC

Carlos G. Lucero USAF

Jim Lynch Sr. USAF

Frank Lynch USMC

Earl Mabus USAF

Jim MacDowell USMC

Herman Mackey III USAF

Carl Magnusson USAF

Mike Maley USN

Henry A. Malm USN

John Manning US Army

William Maple USAF

Robert Chapman Marr Sr. USAF

Michael I. Martin USN

Seth Martin USAF

Matthew Martinek US Army

Robert B. Mathieson USAF

Felix Brunson Maybe US Army

Jim McCaffrey USAF

Matthew McDaniel USAF

Timothy R. McMaster USN

Willim Merriam USAF

Dakota Meyer USMC

James D. Michaels USMC

William Miles USN

Charles “Tom” Miller USAF

Robert James Miller US Army

Robert G. Montague USAF

Cameron Morley USN

Jesse Morley USMC

Earl Morrison US Army

Walter John Morrissey USN

Andrew Muns USN

Audie Murphy US Army

Michael Murphey US Army

Arthur Nelson USN

Fred Nelson USN

James Nichols Sr. USMC

Niles Nilo USAF

Ellen Noordhoff USN

Richard H “Rick” Norris USMC

Steven Norris USMC

Alberto L. Obod Jr. US Army

Shayne Oldfield USAF

Javier Olvera USMC

Steve Owen LA County Sheriff

Damien Orantes USN

Camron Panko USN

Kenneth Park USAF

William Parr USAF

Dennis Pearson US Army

Brian J. Pedro US Army

David Petraeus US Army

Leroy Petry US Army

Christian M. Pike USN

Victoria A. Pinckney USAF

Roger Porter USN

“Chesty” Puller USMC

Job W. Price USN

Dinesh Rajadhyaksha USAF

Eric Ramirez US Army

Tiffany Ramirez USAF

Matthew Ramsey US Army

Brent Reinhardt USAF

Carrie Reinhardt USAF

Donald Steele Revert USAF

Rick Rice USMC

Sara Rice US Army

William Rice USMC

Patrick Rigali USN

Nicholas J. Rodela US Army

Manuel Rodriguez US Army

Richard Roelofs USN

Doc Rose USMC

Ronn Rose USN

Rudy Salcedo USMC

Alondo Saldana US Army

Mathieu Sanders USN

Caleb Sanderson US Army

Eric “Punk” Schulze USAF

Paul E. Schurr US Army

Debra Schwenneker USN

Irwin Scott USAF

Terry W. Sears Jr. USAF

Micah Shaw USN

Scott Shean USMC

Thomas F. Sheridan USAF

Justin Sisson US Army

Josh Skeen US Army

Dale Sleuin USMC

Dave Smith USAF

Scott Snyder USMC

Marvin R. Sprayberry III US Army

Andrew Stapia US Army

Paul Steeves USMC

John Sevenson USMC

Charlie Sheets USAF

Ian Wesley Stewart USMC

Kyle P. Stoeckli US Army

Mike Struckman USN

Jeremy Talbot US Army

Richard Taylor USAF

Joe Thielemann US Army

Brent Thompson US Army

Michelle Siemens Thompson US Army

Keith L. Timmons USAF

Dan R. Townsend US Army

Paul Tremlin USN

Danile Unger US Army

Edward M Vacin USN

Mallory Vandershans USMC

Norvil Glenn Vanover US Army

Shirrel Dean Vanovery USAF

Brian Van Gordon USMC

Kevin W. Van Stone USAF

Jose Velasquez US Army

Cliff Vierra US Army Air Corps

Robert Villapuda USN

Larry Vonier USN

Mark T Voss USAF

Allan Walker USMC

Morris Walker US Army

Tim Warneke USMC

Derek Watkins USAF

Steve Weaver USAF

Daniel Welle USAF

Daniel Wells USMC

Steve A. West US Army

Mose Wheeler US Army

Chris White USMC

Chad Whitney USMC

George Wichmann US Army AF

Charles Wilkinson US Army

Nicholas Williams US Army

Skip Williams US Army

Thomas V. Williams US Army

Al Wilson USN

Darcey Wilson USN

David Wilson USAF

Patti Wilson USAF

Russell H. Wilson US Army

Donald Womack II USN

Archie R. Wood Jr. US Army Air Corps

Tyrone S. Woods, Sr. USN

Michael Woolery USN

Henry Sollett Wygant Jr. USN

Henry Sollet Wygant US Army

Henry Wygant US Army

Mike “Spike” Yeck USMC

Rick York USAF

Carlos Zelya US Army

Peter Zorba USMC

The Tasting Room

In the Tasting Room, we take pride in our unique experience and craft beers. We offer bar top service, along with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options. For any additional questions, call (661) 951-4677.

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